WordPress Disk Usage

As I’ve run EasyEngine for some time, the disk space on my cloud instance has been filling up. This seems to be in two general areas, docker volumes and docker overlay. Today I found an answer to the expanding docker volumes, which is configuring logrotate to rotate and compress the ever-growing php and nginx logs.

I used the solution offered in one of the EE GitHub posts. This provides configuration for logrotate for the EasyEngine hosted sites as well as the ingress nginx proxy. Running logrotate --force /etc/logrotate.d/ee a few times reclaimed 9% of my disk space, and this is likely to improve as the giant log files roll off over 30 days.

I’m reading that overlay2 makes for incorrect disk usage readings when the folders are queried with du. I did find that the site backups have aggregated to take a decent chunk of space. I’m currently offloading them to local storage and planning on purging them from the vm. This may get my disk usage down to a reasonable and maintainable level.