Software Entreprenuerism

Rob James writes Eightthings I wish I had been told before doing my start-up. There’s some good thoughtsthere for anyone who’s looking at making a company big enough for investment. #1 Investin People is the one that rings true for me, since I’ve spent years pursuing a modelthat requires more people…on a budget that can’t afford more people.

Rob Secretlastname has a post on the Buildor Buy Decision when starting a small ISV. I found this one personally interesting,since I’ve bought the software from him! It’s also worth noting that the initial effortof getting a product online is probably more costly than it’s really worth. If youcan capitalize it…and if there’s a market, it’s probably better to pay someone else.

I’vegot an IDEA!” Who hasn’t said that. Who hasn’t heard that. Of course the ideais the easy part. Mitch Denny shares some thoughts on getting started with SAAS asa business (SAASAAB?)