Test-Driven Learning Games and Tests

In my first and second poston the idea of learning Ruby through writing tests, I showed the basics of learninga language using the TDD tools. Since that start, I’ve found some great work othershave done along these lines that you can use to play with the skills you’re learningand test yourself against some real problems.

First, the Ruby Koans byJim Weirich are a comprehensive set of ‘learning tests’ that can teach you or quizyou on what you’ve learned of Ruby so far. Each time you pass a test, it points youto the next thing you need to fix. Truly TDD learning!

I was a bit put off when I first found this set, since it seems so much like a shortcut,but there’s no reason I can’t play with Jim’s tests as well as writemy own, now is there?

Second, there’s the Ruby Quiz, whichlooks to be a great place to get a graduate education in your Ruby skills. The quizisn’t being added to anymore, but the challenges are just awesome and they have referencesolutions from people who have solved them before you. Once you’ve solved one, youcan find so many ways of learning a better way. Talk about erudition!