LogMeIn Inition 2.1.299 for iPhone and iPad Review

LogMeIn is the best…But their support is very poor. And this version of the app is buggy as hell.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on LogMeIn services. They have the best remote control platform in the world. That said, I’m a small customer for them, and it is very clear that their support for small customers is in the “ignore them until they go away” category.

I have spent extensive time documenting and reporting the memory management and connectivity problems with this version (other people are reporting these issues here in the reviews). I get a new person on each email, and most of them let me know that problems can be temporarily fixed by rebooting my iPad. Great.

Issue 1: Try Closing the LogMeIn application in your app tray. Then connect to LMI _using 3g only_. Hit the home button. Connect to WiFi. Try using LMI again. That’s right. It’s hung until you re-kill the app, or restart your iPad.

Issue 2: Try connecting to a computer on LMI. Then go to a couple other memory-intensive applications, like games or opening a lot of pages in Safari. Go back to LMI. You’ll find it disconnected. That’s fine…it would be nice if it automatically reconnected, but not everything needs to be perfect. However, when you log back into LMI, it will inform you that your screen resolution was too high. In fact, it reports that your screen resolution is too high _for any type of crash at all_! Bad memory handling and failure to respond to iOS termination events is not a good reason to blame your user for ‘doing it wrong’.

Issue 3: It is possible to follow a repeatable set of steps that hangs the app until you force-quit it in the app tray.

Their forums are completely ignored by employees as well.

I recently downgraded my Ignition App to the october and now it is fast again, and it doesnt crash constantly either.

If you are stuck with the new version, reboot or kill the app every crash and you can use it.

Ignition is worth every penny when it works, and they clearly have some software guys who know their business.

Too bad they are saddled with a sales and support organization that doesn’t have the time or inclination to talk to users.