Where I go for my tech and development news fix

A friend recently asked me what blogs to follow for learning more about software engineering, and I gave him this list. I thought I’d share it here.

Udi Dahan – The Software Simplist – Udi is one of the best people writing on the subject of large system architecture in the enterprise. I get a lot of value just trying to understand the words he uses, let alone his ideas.

Ayende @ Rahien – Ayende Rahien aka Oren Eini is a fantastic coder, responsible for NHibernate, Rhino Mocks, Entity Framework Profiler, and RavenDb. His daily posts follow the things he’s learning and working on as well as broader insights into coding in the .NET world.

Scott Hanselman – Hillsboro resident Scott Hanselman is one of the celebrities of the .NET world. Currently he works in the ASP.NET/Azure team at Microsoft and constantly works to Open Source the frameworks he works on.

Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew – This is my ‘go to’ resource for everything else that happens in .NET land. Alvin collects the best blog posts of the day and provides you a quick list of things to look at. Much better than subscribing to dozens of blogs.

Knock Me Out – Ryan Neimeyer writes about the various ways to effectively use Knockout.js in your projects, how to solve stick problems, and improve performance of your pages.

Steven Sanderson’s blog  – Author of one of the better books on ASP.NET MVC, as well as the Knockout.js library, Sanderson provides insights on web tech.

Techmeme – News of the technology world, sorted and grouped by lead story. Find the best article on the news of the day without hitting all the news sites.

Hacker News – Links and discussion from the world of venture-funded software startups.

C# on Reddit – Discussion on the C# world.

Krebs on Security – Automated network hacking devices, zero day exploits, and ATM skimmers, hot security stories from a information security researcher.

Seth’s Blog – Wisdom and insight from one of the wizards in the white hat marketing world. Learn to be a better person and a better contributor in your work.

Schneier on Security – The Chuck Norris of information security. Broad insights into the philosophy and future of secure systems.